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Ideas & Innovation: Simple Premise - Small Starts

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April 3, 2011 6:45 AM

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Innovation is a word that is commonly used and seldom defined.

Ideas occur all the time but do they all deserve the time and effort necessary to realize them?

There is a startlingly simple definition for innovation because innovation, by itself, is simple. It’s also a form of the creative process and can’t be obtained on demand. But when you do come upon something innovative, the real work begins: You have to examine and justify a new idea. You have to convince others that your idea is worthwhile.

Adam Polansky will give you that simple definition and show you how to gauge the merit of an idea along with a short case study about a grass-roots idea that didn’t turn out as planned – it turned out better! He’ll also show you how to frame the discussions you’ll need to have in order to get your ideas off the ground and suggest some other avenues available to move from concept to concrete.

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