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Practical Accessibility: A Workshop

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April 10, 2011 10:10 AM

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The design and development communities do want to plan and build accessibility features into products, yet most departments don't have a big lab, and rarely have direct familiarity with the major access devices and software used by the disabled. Even with the best intentions, companies' products might be merely accessible, but are not practically usable.

This workshop will expand participants' knowledge outside of the "industry standard" checklists, and bring real understanding of this large pool of users. For each example, practical tips and exercises will be run through to show problems disabled users face in these situations, with practical usability solutions for them.

With a hands-on exercise using a screen reader, the audience will have an experience of using common websites with only a keyboard and no visuals. After the workshop, participants will have a more thorough, hands-on empathy of how the disabled use an operating system and navigate websites, and will be better prepared to re-think their design approach for this large audience and its challenges.

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