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Body Armor: The Rockville Police Department Wellness Initiative

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August 4, 2017 9:00 AM

Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

The Rockville Police Department’s wellness project was initiated after one of the agency’s officers went through a personal crisis and soon learned how pervasive law enforcement mental health issues were and how few departments were actually doing something about it. Body Armor, RPD’s wellness program, does not merely focus solely on the mental issues, but encompasses a whole body wellness approach. Officers, civilian employees, and their loved ones 1) can speak with a “public safety specialist” through the employer’s employee assistance program (EAP), 2) get an annual wellness “check-in” through the EAP that does not count against their allowable free visits, 3) received eight hours of Maryland state certified mental wellness training, 4) have greater access to peer support team members following a membership increase on the county’s multiagency team, 5) can obtain free therapeutic massages, 6) received a business-sized card with 24/7 hotlines as well as quick coping skills to handle a critical moment, 7) can connect with pro bono legal services for wills, powers of attorney, and/or medical directives, 8) can receive free financial planning services from local individuals or organizations, and 8) can access a safe and confidential website where officers, employees and loved ones can get information and help anytime, anywhere.

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