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Integrating Code Quality tools into your jQuery Development Workflow

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April 16, 2011 11:30 AM

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

(Or How I became Crockford's Sworn Enemy)

JavaScript is a very powerful and flexible language that allows you to write very elegant programs. However, it has some parts of it that are easily breakable and no matter what you are writing, new jQuery plugin or nice interface for your web application, it is very important to not to ship broken code. Fortunately, there are tools that were designed to catch potential problems in your code and report about them before the deployment of your code.

This talk is about integrating such tools into your daily development workflow. It will give you basic idea of problems that JavaScript has and approaches you can take to prevent those problems. It will also cover JSHint — a community-driven code quality tool — and how we use it at Disqus to make sure that we don't ship broken code to 400m+ visitors.

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