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Aloha Editor; Leaving ExtJS for jQuery UI

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April 16, 2011 12:15 PM

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Aloha editor was created on January 18th 2010, with the goal to revolutionize the WYSIWYG editor industry. We’ve built a strong community and have reached great success. Being the only true HTML5 ContentEditable solution allowing us to provide inline editing has put us far ahead the competition. Though adoption has been slow. The marriage with ExtJS is the main criticism fueling the slow adoption.

In February we held our Aloha Editor DevCon in Vienna and were blessed with the opportunity to work with Richard D. Worth, Scott Gonzalez and Jörn Zaefferer from the jQuery UI team. The Aloha Editor spirit is all about making the web exciting and having fun doing it. Through intense discussions and over several days we were persuaded enough to make the move to jQuery UI.

Development is now underway and this talk will cover the switch to jQuery UI, the affairs, the ups and downs, the heartbreaks and how it all happened. We’ll cover the essential networking and recruiting of the right people, the abstraction of the UI framework, and working with jQuery UI to create widgets. It’s more than just two frameworks working together intimately, it’s a love affair fueled with passion.

So to learn the why, the how, the what, and the what ifs of one of the biggest intimate encounters of frameworks in the wysiwyg world, then this is the talk.

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