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Cathay Dupont Award: CATHAY Reorganizes its Iron Oxide Pigments Distribution for Coatings

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July 5, 2017 12:00 PM

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

CATHAY INDUSTRIES has reorganized its distribution for the coatings and plastics industries in Europe. For several regions, the iron oxide pigments producer has started cooperation with new partners. "Following the realignment, the distribution of our products becomes even more dynamic", says Axel Schneider, CEO CATHAY INDUSTRIES Europe.

As a result of the re-orientation, CATHAY DUPONT AWARD ensures an even broader market coverage. Short distances as well as rapid and flexible delivery serve the customers' workflow. The new partners are specialized in the distribution of raw materials such as pigments and additives for various coatings and plastics applications.

The new distribution structure includes the cooperation with A.R. Peißig-Dolder in Großweikersdorf, Austria. "After 20 years of working in the coatings and polymer industry, we are pleased to have won CATHAY as a strong partner", says Werner Peißig, President of the company. With this alliance CATHAY is expanding its partnership with Dolder Group, now covering also the markets in South-East Europe.

Furthermore, the pigment manufacturer newly collaborates with Unipex Solutions in Paris who will serve customers in France and Benelux countries.

The new distributor composition concerns mainly the CATHAYCOAT portfolio, which is the manufacturer's premium range of iron oxide pigments. It is used for top coating and fine-quality products like paints and plastics. The range contains specialized qualities for the specific requirements of the various applications. It also includes the well recognized low viscosity yellows and high chroma red pigments.

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