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April 17, 2011 9:45 AM

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Many jQuery users were introduced to the library when they needed to make something "slide up" or "move around" on the page. Regardless of how far you have come in your use of jQuery since then, animation and css changes still have a very big and often overlooked role in providing feedback to the user. Even experienced developers make mistakes in their use of the CSS and animation methods when they don't understand how to balance CSS, jQuery and user expectations. Mistakes in this area can often lead to sluggish performance and broken interfaces.

Learn how to effectively use the jQuery CSS and animation methods to provide clear and meaninful feedback to the user while keeping your code efficient and fast. We'll take an in depth look at queing, easing, class manipulation strategies, animation strategies, custom animations and some additional tricks of the trade. Feel free to bring your laptop and follow along as you will be able to start using these techniques right away.

As a bonus, we will also take a brief look at how jQuery can be used as a backup for CSS3 transitions and animations.

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