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Natural Language UI Testing using Behavior Driven Development with Pavlov and QUnit

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April 17, 2011 12:30 PM

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Microsoft, Mt. View, California

Using concepts borrowed from the RSpec and Cucumber projects we'll explore the process of converting a stakeholder-readable design specification of a user interface feature into a QUnit test suite.

We'll use the excellent Pavlov behavioral API to to produce readable, high-level tests that describe and test the way a UI works, not the way it should be programmed. Once a few tests are written, we'll implement the feature using the typical TDD red, green, refactor approach.

Throughout the talk, all of our examples will attempt to provide a real-world implementation of TDD without boiling it down to a simple abstraction that requires too much interpretation to apply to production code.

Sample code on GitHub:

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