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Advanced R Programming

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October 6, 2017 8:00 AM

Lyngby, Denmark

Lyngby, Denmark

If you’re relatively comfortable with R but find yourself needing to level up your skills this day is for you. Whether you’re hitting in-memory constraints, needing the latest and greatest machine learning algorithm, having to code defensively, or simply needing to get more stuff done, you’ll get a lot of this day of training. This hands-on day will equip you with more tools for performing data engineering and data science in R. We’ll be covering the following:

– Fast and efficient data processing in R with data.table for improved native R performance – Working with active external connections in dplyr to push data manipulation to databases – Leveraging functional programming for working with lists, unstructured data objects, and improving error handling – Going beyond base R statistics with native-R solutions (caret and the tidyverse) and connected solutions (h2o and spark) for better interfaces, new techniques, and working at scale – Incorporating Python, JavaScript, and C++ into your R code to extend R or leverage already coded solutions easily

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