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The Joy of Rubinius, the Agony of RubySpec

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April 22, 2011 2:30 PM

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

Rubinius is a curious implementation of the Ruby programming language. Why curious? Well, one of the loved features of Ruby is how much it empowers the developer to creatively fashion elegant solutions to difficult problems. In other words, Ruby begs for your participation in crafting a solution rather than forcing you down a rigid path preordained by an all-knowing benevolent (or not) dictator. That freedom to participate inspires love for the language.

Rubinius, too, invites participation. Much of it is written in Ruby itself, lowering the bar to patching or experimenting with the implementation itself! The project early adopted the Git SCM, making participation and collaboration a joy rather than a chore. However, participation is not limited to the ease of making a Git patch. Rubinius has an open commit bit policy: get a patch accepted and you get mainline commit privileges. The project draws on decades of, as well as very recent, academic research about dynamic languages and compilers, yet the vast majority of contributors do not have PhD degrees. ...

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