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Be A Developer Experience Super Hero: Robust Dev Scripts For Peace and Joy

About the Talk

April 26, 2017 3:15 PM

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

Attendee Preparation:

This talk will cover a lot of rather advanced topics including containerization, continuous integration, and automated testing. Attendees should have familiarization with Docker, common PHP testing frameworks, and how continuous integration platforms work.


Time is wasted and quality suffers when there is no agreed upon process for onboarding new developers into a project, running project tests (you wrote tests right?), and deploying the project to your staging infrastructure. Time = money, Quality = money. Your team needs predictable and easy to use systems and processes that free up brainpower and creativity to deliver amazing web work.


Use an open source, cross-platform set of tooling and appropriate infrastructure (Docker, CI services, a scriptable host) along with a zero config solution for setting up your projects. Remove all decisions from collaborators so they can focus solely on delivering their feature work.


  • Make the experience of adding a new developer as quick, painless and low friction as possible
    • Set a consistent development environment, no matter the preferences or hardware of your team.
    • Make all daily tasks (tests, pull-requests, environment sync) effortless.
    • Make your infrastructure inviting to extend with scripts your whole team can contribute to.


Attendees should leave this session with a clear understanding of the value of: * standardization of development environments * automation of intricate but highly repetitive tasks

in relation to:

  • The quality of life of their development staff
  • The profitability of their projects
  • The quality of the work they produce.

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