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Building Native Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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April 27, 2011 1:00 PM

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Explore an alternative approach to creating apps for iPhone and iPad. The free PhoneGap framework lets you build first-class native iPhone apps using just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – a technique that also lets you create Android, Nokia, and Blackberry apps from the very same code base. Explore the pros and cons of this approach as you learn to create native-looking animations with jQTouch, complex UI elements with Sencha Touch, and hook into advanced iPhone features (accelerometer, GPS, vibration, and sound) without ever touching Objective-C.

When to consider HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as a development approach. How to convert a standard HTML page into a finger-friendly, animated mobile app by pasting in a few lines of JavaScript.

How to access advanced phone features (e.g. accelerometer, location, camera) using simple JavaScript calls.
Capabilities and limitations of the popular mobile platforms and mobile browsers.
Solutions to common mobile development challenges when using web standard technology.

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