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Transitioning Legacy Java to Rails with JRuby: Step by Step Emerging Technology Conference Speaker - Nick Sieger, JRuby Core Team Member

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April 27, 2011 9:30 AM

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

The Ruby programming language makes for great integration glue in enterprise applications. Since Rails is the equivalent glue for web applications, and JRuby allows us to use Rails in a Java environment, introducing Rails into an existing Java application would seem to have its benefits. However, undertaking this task without doing any significant rewriting may not be obvious. We’ll present strategies for incrementally moving portions of a Java web application to Ruby and taking advantage of the productivity of Rails 3 in a legacy Java environment. We’ll also highlight Ruby-centric tools and libraries that can be applied to take productivity to new levels once you’ve begun to harness the power of Ruby and Rails in your existing application.

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