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MapReduce on the Cloud: Infinispan Distributed Task Execution Framework

A talk by maniksurtani at JUDCon 2011

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May 3, 2011 1:00 PM



Having a data grid without an ability to execute distributed computational tasks on that data is like having a Ferrari without a drivers license!

Do you have or plan to use a data grid which contains massive amount of information? Introducing one of the most exciting and long awaited Infinispan 5 features - distributed data processing framework. Being tightly integrated into each node it leverages Infinispan data grid into a distributed large scale parallel data processing system. The two core contributors of the data processing framework show how one can perform various simple and complex processing such as Map-Reduce over a data grid in Infinispan with minimal effort, using various static and dynamic languages such as Scala and Ruby. This presentation includes a live demonstration.

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