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How quick can we be? Data visualization techniques for engineers

A talk by Avni Khatri

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May 2, 2011 11:40 AM

Front-end engineers are often asked to tackle the problem of data visualization. Given a set of data, how do you best represent the data in a simple yet effective manner?

There are a number of new toolkits available to help you with data display - but which one should you choose? As non-data visualization experts, we challenged ourselves to create example localization output from several open source tools - with the restriction we would spend no more than one hour on each example.

At the Grace Hopper Conference in October 2010, the Open Source for Good panel, of which we both were a part, threw down a challenge to have women make up 20% of the participants at the Random Hacks of Kindness in December 2010.

Based on this challenge, we collected population and gender data on each of the 21 worldwide locations where hacking was taking place. We took this data and used it to test different data visualization techniques.

Our talk will cover the different localization tools tested, analysis of the effectiveness of each tool, and the time it took to represent the data to our liking.

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