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Marketing Across the Digital Divide

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April 29, 2011 10:00 AM

Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

Many businesses’ online marketing efforts focus on the digitally literate and early adopters. However, there remains a larger percentage of the consuming public that struggles to keep up with advances — still learning to use basic technologies like text messaging or lacking consistent access to the Internet altogether. The central question for marketers seeking to tap the potential of this segment becomes one of how to best connect across the digital divide. Learning how to effectively communicate with both audiences is essential for successful marketing and business development experience.

With regional insights and case studies from diverse audiences such as local South Dakotan hamburger shops all the way to the European Union, this session will show technologies and marketing techniques that work for late adopters.

As an attendee during this presentation, you will learn:

Marketing strategies for rural areas and audiences that are uncomfortable with technology Insight into how technology is used by different demographics and geographic areas Methods on imparting the importance of digital literacy to businesses who fear technology

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