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openContainer | the ancient chinese secrets of energy, presence, context + cyberSurrealism

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May 17, 2011 10:30 AM

Tower 312 at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Tower 312 at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

What does raw thought look like? What's the difference between data and information? How do we convert, translate and interpret data, thought and information to create knowledge, understanding and ultimately some form of wisdom? Do we focus too much on information and not enough on energy and actual human presence?

These are the questions I hope to address with my presentation-performace on May 17th at Dynamic Media Institute.

episode 12 is the final debriefing in an ongoing cyberSurreal investigation of the found systems we live in and with on a daily basis. The forensic evidence from our 3 year deep dive into cyberSurreality reveals critical insights into certain crimes against creativity that stifle innovation. Please join us to learn the dirty truth — the data we discuss augments and completes the unfinished official documentation from this extremely important research by The Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation.

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