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May 12, 2011 11:00 AM



At XP 2010, Ivar and Johannes demonstrated how fast a pair programming team can write a web application test first. At XP2011, in the second installment of the Java EE spike kata, we demonstrate how to extend a simple test-driven web application and refactor from a simple to a more advanced design.

The demonstration starts with a small and simple existing code base. We will add a requirement to this code base and test-drive the implementation. In the course of the presentation, we will demonstrate effective pairing, several TDD techniques and libraries, effective use of Java IDEs and a complex refactoring.

Elements demonstrated: Effective pair programming Test-driven development approaches WebDriver, Mockito and FEST-assert as testing tools How to test web applications via HTTP and by mocking the Java Servlet API; Refactoring techniques - Replace Method with Builder Object.

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