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IA at the Helm: Leading with Information

A talk by Bob Boiko at IA Summit 2018

About the Talk

March 23, 2018 10:15 AM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

"If this is the information age and information is your organization's most precious asset, why are information architects so marginalized? In this talk, I present a theory and practice that puts IA at the center of information systems projects and makes them leaders in their organizations.

The result of over 20 years of thinking, writing and doing, I present a complete framework, process and practice for doing IA in the enterprise. And why not? IAs have the tools and talent to lead everything from enterprise strategy to data modelling. I offer this presentation as the beginning of a new conversation on how we think, what we do, and where we fit.

I outline a new view of the skills, attitudes and deliverables of our profession and show how IAs could use those deliverables to:

• Turn business needs into conceptual and logical system designs. • Lead implementation efforts through their logical designs. • Lead departments from an information perspective. • Lead organizations from an information perspective."

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