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Building a DAM That Works: How to Increase Your Knowledge Capture Through Crowdsourcing

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March 23, 2018 1:45 PM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

The amount of content that an organization produces is becoming larger and more complex. How can your organization gather and organize data about your content, both internally and externally, for a variety of users? Crowdsourcing the metadata in our digital asset management system (DAM) has been successful for my organization, the Institute for Functional Medicine. Our organization is growing quickly and needed a scalable solution that addressed the complexity of our content.

As the only Content Librarian in the organization, it was not feasible that I be responsible for adding metadata to all the content we have. Instead, we are leveraging the knowledge of each employee in the organization and they are adding their own metadata in our digital asset management system. This has several benefits to the organization: we are able to capture the knowledge from each employee in a consistent and organized way, I am able to step back and be a facilitator and trainer rather than a full-time cataloger, and the quality of the knowledge captured is higher because it did not need to travel through any intermediaries.

As with any crowdsourcing project, there still needs to be a process to maintain the quality of the metadata in the system. Regular checks are performed to confirm the consistency and quality of metadata in the DAM. At IFM, our methods include requiring certain fields, using controlled vocabulary fields whenever possible, and performing random quality checks on newly uploaded content.

Every organization is drowning in assets, and they are concerned with increasing efficiency in order to connect their people with the data and access they need. It is feasible to introduce a crowdsourcing process that leverages their employees’ knowledge to ensure that it is being captured and stored in a scalable, usable way.

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