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Can We Unwarp Reality Before it's Too Late?

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March 24, 2018 2:00 PM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Reality is under siege. From propaganda spread by bot armies to real journalism undone by cries of fake news, opinions trump facts and lies become truth. Publishers design content to trick consumers. Traditional and social media enable it. Our devices facilitate it. Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning complicate it. As virtual and real worlds continue to converge, we are our own last line of defense. We must learn how to protect ourselves from psyops before reality fades to black.

Our current reality warping crisis is the result of a perfect storm of different sociopolitical factors, and what we’re experiencing now is only the tip of the iceberg. How did we even get here? Information bubbles, disinformation initiatives, false flags, whataboutism and fake news all play a part. Dark patterns, content marketing, deep data mining and other industry trends also contribute to the problem at hand. But there’s much more to reality warping than meets the eye. Like most problems we face, it’s time for us to step back and assess every aspect of challenge so we can solve for it while we still have the opportunity.

This talk will explore the cognitive, cultural and contextual drivers behind today’s information landscape as well as the historical, logistical and technological inputs that have helped produce this attack on the ideals many have taken for granted. The discussion will examine strategies and tactics on all sides of the political spectrum in order to uncover the truths that lie beneath the surface. The audience will walk away from this conversation with a new understanding of challenges we all face and steps we can take to unwarp reality for ourselves.

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