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Design Sprints: Ready, Set, Go!

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March 24, 2018 2:30 PM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Companies spend significant capital and human resources to bring products and services to market. Design sprints have gained traction in small and large organizations, and when facilitated properly are effective for building consensus around objectives, feature ideas and prioritization.

We’re psyched to present the Design Sprint as a method to overcome the infamous swoop and poop (HIPPO), too many cooks in the kitchen, and fear of failure scenarios. Audience members should expect an animated play-by-play from Brian and Raf on examples of when the method has and has not worked in a big organization.

Ready for Design Sprints? Well, step up to the plate! No matter the size of your team or organization, find out if it’s right or wrong for you at our session!

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