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Inclusive Urban Development by Visualizing the Future

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March 24, 2018 3:00 PM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Why do municipalities generally involve stakeholders in urban development projects? Because protocol dictates this needs to be part of the process. Gathered input lacks quality and is not representative of the crowd it should actually represent. People’s living and working environment is changed based on the opinion of the few.

We decided this needed to change. As UXers, we started working on urban development projects to put all stakeholders first. So how to bring the current and future reality together, both digital and offline, to involve all possible stakeholders? We do this by visualizing the future, through both digital and physical encounters.

From the start of ideation, we involve all possible stakeholders. Focused on inclusion and low threshold involvement, we help stakeholders understand the general idea and what it means for them. We give them the opportunity to share their input in the way they prefer, and communicate clearly what we will be doing with their individual input.

Through online touchpoints people view the proposed solution visualized in Virtual Reality. During local symposia attendees walk around in future reality using VR goggles. They are able to form their own views on the new reality and translate this to a physical model as in put.” Both generic and specific feedback is collected and categorized on a project website, for all to see and expand on.

Our goal is to reach a sustainable solution for all users of the living and working environment , within the boundaries created by themselves . In our talk we will share our learnings on how we scaled the approach of the first project to multiple projects. Hopefully you can move your UX skills beyond the digital screen just as we did!

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