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Ruby helps us make movies: Guerilla-DI, scripted tools for a modern film pipeline

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May 28, 2011 7:00 AM



Julik has been smoking the Ruby pipe since 2004, when he has first seen a presentation about Rails. After graduating as a motion designer and starting his dream career in visual effects at HecticElectric, he still finds himself reaching for Ruby whenever a solution for problem needs to be found quickly (or even when he just feels like it!). Also he is the only person in VFX who officially uses IRB as his calculator.

In his talk he would like to tell how he created Guerilla-DI, a niche opensource project in Ruby that quite a few people in the field are using, even though Ruby is not really known or used in the post-production community. He will explain what kind of problems Ruby can help with in post and VFX, and how to create a downloadable Ruby application. He will also explore the constraints that you might want to observe when deploying a ruby application to end users.

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