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Tutorial: Leadership in developing high-performing teams

A talk by Ari Tikka at LESS 2010

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October 20, 2010 5:00 AM

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Maybe you have heard stories about brilliant teamwork. Have you got means to lead one? This workshop gives advice to the situational leadership – how to make sense and what to do right now. The benefits of great co-operation are not only available for teams in perfect conditions. Understanding the underlying dynamics helps to lead vague situations, short meetings and even larger organizations. We will learn about the following themes:

o Team life-cycle from forming to mature team and ending. Characteristics of a mature empowered high-performing team.

o Conscious, preconscious and unconscious layers of team dynamics. Principal task.

o What questions of individuals steal energy at different developmental phases?

o Individual perspective – the motivation of the team members, needs, feelings and conflict resolution.

o The group dynamic perspective – the questions to be solved and the (situational) leadership actions.

o What if the leadership fails? Hurt and depressed teams, scapegoat syndrome.

o Some tools to understand the surrounding organization and it’s influence to the team

We will make sense of participants’ experiences, trusting that understanding creates good actions in new situations. The workshop is beneficial for both team leaders/coaches and managers creating circumstances for high performance.

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