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Where Are My Reports? Managing Reporting Services

A talk by speeddba

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May 31, 2011 4:00 AM

PASS Performance Virutal Chapter Meeting

PASS Performance Virutal Chapter Meeting

Reporting Services has quickly become and enterprise class report delivery system. As such, user adoption can grow quite rapidly and before you know it higher usage can bring the Report Server to its knees. This is why monitoring and maintaining reporting services from the beginning is important part of any deployment. Since the introduction in SQL Server 2000 many changes to the engine and user interface have been designed to help improve this management and administration.

In this session we will cover common scenarios for monitoring reporting services performance, tracking down performance issues and troubleshooting errors. We will also review solutions to improve performance in the report execution and engine configuration. Finally, we will discuss techniques to scale up and scale out to distribute load and isolate various forms of activity.

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