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Query Performance Tuning

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January 22, 2019 12:00 PM

Slc, Ut

Slc, Ut

SQL Query Performance tuning

The SQL query language is used in millions of application today. While the NoSql movement has given us some great new data technologies it has not removed the needs for the RDBMS in production systems. Yet we still have many engineers that only know how to speak to the relational database through some ORM code. While these systems are great for getting up and running quickly they leave a lot to be desired in the way of performance. We will discuss the patterns and practices you should be looking at in your ORM’s. We will deep dive into queries and break down each one and find performance flaws. We will discuss Procedural vs set based ideas for databases and when they are good and bad. Most importantly we will discuss when you should not be using a RDBMS for what you are doing. I will be showing the example queries in Postgres but the patterns and practices apply to all the major RDBMS. I’ve used these performance techniques on Mysql, Oracle, Sql Server and Postgres. If you are an engineer/report writer/data analyst or someone that’s planning on querying databases from your app you should attend this session.

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