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Turkish Airlines Change Flight Fee and policy

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February 19, 2019 12:00 PM

new york city, NY

new york city, NY

It is very common that plans may change or the passenger can be the victim of circumstances. And as a result, for the passengers who are travelling with airlines may find an urge to switch the itinerary. Keeping the needs and requirement of its passengers, Turkish airline offers the flight change option. This option can come into play for the passengers who have a sudden change in plan and either prepone or postpone the flight. Also, everyone is of the view that changing the itinerary might be a very costly affair. But, interestingly Turkish airline gives the option in affordable prices. But have certain rules and regulations for the flight change. Let us study more about it in detail.

Ways to Avoid Paying Extra Bucks While Flight Change

  1. Turkish airline is the only airline that offers flight change to its passengers in free of cost provided all the conditions are fulfilled. This means if the passenger changes flight within 24 hours of flight departure then it is totally free of cost.

  2. The point that needs to be taken care of is that the new flight that you are changing to must be departing on the same day.

  3. Turkish airlines may charge an amount of $125 if the passenger fails to change the flight within 24 hours. The flight change option is active for 60 days before the departure of the flight.

  4. If you see any changes in the bill amount then the passenger itself is responsible for the same and is required to pay the excess amount.

The passenger can contact Turkish airline contact number in case they have an issue.

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