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Scalable Micro-Blogging Solution for the Enterprise using MongoDB

A talk by toamitkumar at Mongo Philly

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April 26, 2011 7:15 AM



Communication and collaboration is the backbone of success for Enterprise. Till now, enterprise has used traditional channels of communication like email, instant messaging etc. With the explosive use of Twitter like tools in the mainstream - enterprises have started adopting micro-blogging to tap its benefits. Enterprises are closed ecosystem each with its own rules. Building a micro-blogging tool for an enterprise requires abiding by internal security system, governance, technical standards, enterprise architecture guidelines etc. The existing tools in the market does not solve all of these problems. The talk focuses on solving the problem building a scalable micro-blogging tool for the enterprise and how mongodb made our life easier. It would detail the integration of mongoDB with existing enterprise database systems, managing and monitoring etc.

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