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Building Virtual Development Environments With Vagrant

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August 13, 2011 10:45 AM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Many of us deploy to systems which are completely different from the systems we develop on, and can be difficult to set up particularly if there are a lot of moving pieces in your setup. These could be things like message queuing systems, various databases or specific versions of scripting languages such as ruby. This makes it a very time intensive process to bring new people up to speed on your projects, and to get systems set up right the first time. What if you could have a system that would launch a virtual environment, provision and run all of your systems's various components, be repeatable and fit on a thumb drive? Vagrant allows this by putting a ruby DSL on top of Oracle's VirtualBox API. It allows you to set up and provision your servers using Chef or Puppet, and to reuse those scripts on your real production environment if you want. This makes your server infrastructure version controlled just like your application code. We will go through a setup of a Vagrant instance and show how using shared folders you can develop locally, but be developing on your "local cloud", your running Vagrant instance.

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