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May 6, 2009 10:30 AM

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

The Sharing Economy is something a lot people talk about but rarely actually jump into. Almost every company is having their innovators dilemma, they refuse to give it up and just jump at the new opportunities which await them. However its not simply the companies fault. The whole way business is done does not reflect a sharing economy. In actual fact sharing is done at the very end when something has served its purpose or no other value which can be extracted. This is usually because we are using short-term and costing metrics.

The smart companies are balancing the short-term money needs with the long-term needs participators. Their content is a participatory mix spread all over the net and they are good citizens by releasing creditable amounts of rich data to create a ecosystem around themselves and their business. Being a smart business isn't easy work, the challenges juggling needs isn't a parlour trick, it can only be done with a strong level of transparency.

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