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Pantheon's Guide to Security in Higher Ed and Beyond (MidCamp 2019)

A talk by David Needham and Paul Gilzow

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March 21, 2019 1:30 PM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Drupal security is relevant to everyone, but particularly concerning to higher ed where you’re a big target with limited resources. Left to our own devices we may be inclined to search for a good article about Drupal security and install a slew of modules that sound promising. But did you understand why certain items were suggested, or what exactly they accomplished?

In this session, we’ll start by talking about security at a high level and describe why Universities are often a target. From there, we’ll give you a list of actionable takeaways relevant to anyone concerned about security.

What security issues are most likely to affect our site? What are our options and what do they accomplish? When should we apply them (and when shouldn’t we)? What do we do about things outside of our control? How do the pieces fit together into a more robust security posture?

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