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Rapid, Scalable Web Development with MongoDB, Ming, and Python

A talk by Rick Copeland at MongoDC

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July 13, 2011 1:00 PM

Woolly Mammoth Theatre

Woolly Mammoth Theatre

In 2009, SourceForge embarked on a quest to modernize our websites, converting a site written for a hodge-podge of relational databases in PHP to a MongoDB and Python-powered site, with a small development team and a tight deadline. We have now completely rewritten both the consumer and producer parts of the site with better usability, more functionality and better performance. This talk focuses on how we're using MongoDB, the pymongo driver, and Ming, an ORM-like library implemented at SourceForge, to continually improve and expand our offerings, with a special focus on how anyone can quickly become productive with Ming and pymongo without having to apologize for poor performance.

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