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Android for people who hate phones

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July 26, 2011 9:30 AM

Portland, OR

Portland, OR

A light-hearted, content-rich introduction to the world of Android development and design for existing object-oriented programmers (Java experience not necessary). In Android for people who hate phones you’ll learn what it takes to build amazing experiences for Google’s Android platform. This tutorial will also include a primer on interaction design for engineers—on mobile, an amazing UI is no longer the domain of hipsters (beards are now welcome).

To geeks, the idea of a telephone often elicits screams of terror—with the emergence of the modern smartphone, and particularly the relatively open Android platform from Google, no longer can we hide in the shadows from this new-fangled ‘telephone’ technology. With the opportunity to carry a computer in our pocket, we can have all the comforts of home from an SSH terminal to a remote X session, to a fancy modern Twitter client.

This session shows you that Android doesn’t have to be a phone—existing programmers of almost any language will learn the ins and outs, philosophies and ideologies, loopholes and drawbacks and quirks (and there are many) of the Android platform. Attendees will come away confident with the skills to build an application for Android that makes a phone no longer a phone. You’ll build apps. You’ll rock the world.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why, as a programmer, you need to understand interaction design when building for mobile
  • The core features, capabilities and limitations of the Java Android SDK
  • Java, and why it doesn’t suck on Android
  • Resource constraints, and how to remember that they exist on a TINY FREAKIN’ COMPUTER

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