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How I Learned to Smell Code

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July 14, 2011 9:00 AM

Florida Park, Madrid, Spain

Florida Park, Madrid, Spain

In her own words, this talk will cover "my story, from apprentice-pup to journey-hound, complete with anecdotes of both fragrant and rank code. I have had to climb massive rock walls, program in .NET, and boldly go where no coder would want to go! Much of my time is spent wearing anti-noxious code gas masks slowly converting pungent code to code with a pleasant aroma. What learning scents are beginners assaulted with when embarking on their olfactory training, training to become as sharp as a bloodhounds? Let us explore how following and teaching design patterns brings out the olfactory-affability of our code. We will explore how this leads to emergent designs which heighten our senses to the scent of beautiful code."

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