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Converting an old site to a fresh WordPress site

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July 23, 2011 6:15 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

It happens all the time. You’ve got a site that was brilliant four years ago, and the site developer has retired to a beachfront Internet cafe in the Cayman Islands, and you forgot or just never really knew how to use Dreamweaver. So how do you take that dusty old site and do more than just port it over to a WP platform. Give it new life with the fresh look, content updates and flexibility of a scalable platform that you can enjoy for years to come. This presentation, among other things, will look at:

  1. Why WordPress is a great choice for a comprehensive website platform;
  2. Reviewing your current assets (content, images, graphics, downloads, code);
  3. Prioritizing what you need to move, what can get archived, what may stay in place;
  4. SEO considerations: Assessing your current links, comments and Google ranking;
  5. Back-end versus Front-end considerations;
  6. Annotating change – keeping good notes – of every step;
  8. Timeline and cost considerations;
  9. What’s easy; What’s moderately difficult; What’s going to give you heartburn.
  10. Number Ten is perhaps the most important of the Must-Dos. But I’ll save that for those of you who attend this session.

Alan Bergstein has been involved with countless website migration efforts, most recently doing so as a consultant to Internet publishers and marketers large and small. And prior to that as an accomplished media executive at several of the publishing industry’s foremost companies, including IDG, CMP, Crain Communications and Reed Elsevier/Cahners.

Much of his time over the last ten years has been focused on transforming traditional publications from their total reliance on print ad revenue into a more diversified portfolio business model, emphasizing online and other electronic media including Web sites, digital magazines, eNewsletters and Webcasts.

He also helps small businesses and individuals in their efforts to enhance their revenue stream by webifying their operations and expanding their marketing through digital and social media channels.

Alan recently earned a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University. He also has a bachelor of science degree in communications, with majors in advertising and marketing, from Boston University and has studied at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and has been a speaker at a number of industry events.

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