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Treat Your Readers Like Customers

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July 24, 2011 9:45 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

We’ve all heard the stories of customer service legends like Zappos, Nordstrom, The Ritz Carlton, and similar companies. These are all companies that use customer service to set themselves apart from the competition.

Bloggers can learn from these best practices as well and can use some tactics of great customer service to help strengthen and grow their reader communities. In this interactive session, we’ll cover a number of ways ways that bloggers can help get make their readers feel like valued customers when they visit the blog and to ensure that they’re coming back and staying engaged with the blog community. We’ll go over what plugins you can use to make readers feel welcome, how you can encourage readers to feel loyal to your blog, and many other tips and tactics to make you and your blog known as a customer service leader.

Just like in business, blogging is competitive and having a great reader community is an excellent way to stay competitive. And perhaps most important of all, having a great reader community is an excellent way for you to get more out of your blogging experience.

Anyone who blogs can get something from this session, regardless of level of technical expertise or experience level. All blogs need repeat and loyal readers to really succeed and grow and treating those readers like your best customers is an excellent way to keep them coming back.

Douglas Hanna is the CEO of A Small Orange, a provider of shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting services based in Durham, NC. He also blogs about customer service at Service Untitled, which he founded in 2006. You can learn more about Doug by visiting his personal site.

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