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WordPress & Inbound Marketing: How to Generate Leads With Your WordPress Blog

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July 23, 2011 11:30 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

The world of marketing has changed. It’s not enough to create some banners ads or invest in PPC to get people to buy your product. You have to draw prospects and leads to you instead of interrupting them when they are trying to do other things.

The good news is that the heart and soul of any successful inbound marketing program is creating remarkable content. Studies show companies that blog have far better website traffic and marketing results than those that don’t. Blogging helps you build an online presence for your company, spawn brand loyalty, establish itself as a thought leader and generate leads, sales and measurable results.

We’ll use data to understand how to achieve Inbound Marketing success and explain why all your need is a WordPress blog to get started. We’ll cover,

What Inbound Marketing really means
Why creating content is so important
How you can optimize and promote your content
What you need to do to collect and manage your leads and prospects
How you can measure your marketing results so you can determine what works best

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