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Catch a Tailwind and turbo power your stimulating Rails apps

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October 26, 2019 12:45 PM

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We all want to build cool projects, but we can’t all be master every project space. Also we should ask ourselves, should we master it all? Does my project need to be a rails api and vue front end? What is our overall goal when making a project? As a developer it should be easy to support, maintain, and extend. As a user, it should be so easy to use I dont have to ask questions. While these are our ambitions, the more we separate our architecture, the harder we make out apps to support. While this talk is aimed more at Rails developers, it is not Rails specific.

This presentation does not aim to replace React or Vue (or whatever comes next) but aims to present a middle route of how apps can be built using great javascript tools, but staying within the main web framework.

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