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Video Game Development: How & What to Learn

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October 26, 2019 12:45 PM

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

After one semester working through the textbook “Building Java Programs”, I tried to build a video game.

Looking back at it now, the struggle was hilarious!

While taking summer classes outside of my major, I decided to practice my newly-acquired and yet infantile skill, by attempting to build what I thought was a small but simple video game - a text based game.

I knew I didn’t know much, but I also didn’t know what I needed to know. Instead of doing any research, I went and bought books on C++, and once I felt comfortable manipulating arrays and I had recreated all of the Java homework problems in C++, I went and bought books on HTML5, and then also Javascript.

I learned nothing but syntax.

I have a “What I wish I had learned and in this order” handout, that I think may help those who know already know a programming language, but don’t know where to even begin to make a game like Skyrim. But the pattern is very generalizable, and if someday, after one of your video games has thousands of downloads, you want to make a robot, then you could make your own “What I need to learn and in what order” handout.

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