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High Performance Drupal - Step by Step

A talk by fabianx at CapitalCamp 2011

About the Talk

July 22, 2011 12:00 PM

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

A hands on, practical approach for High Performance Drupal Systems.

This session will be a practical session and show how to do website optimization for high performance and low latency in a step by step manner. We'll start with a basic website with a medium amount of modules and a completely standard Drupal system, measure the time and problems of the site.

We will also investigate for what to check on a site and how to easily measure the site performance with a standard web browser.

Then we will - step by step - always explore a little theory, implement the change and measure the website performance again.

We'll implement Pressflow, APC, Memcache, Boost + Varnish on LAMP in a live and fun manner.

This will not only let you stand on the shoulders of giants, but you'll also know what it does and why you need it.

I'll also show how to not do optimization and then quickly give an overview of other techniques that you can use to tweak your performance even more.

Intended audiences

Anyone building drupal websites that is still insecure of how to give Drupal the boost to make it perform. Anyone that wants to see how fast Drupal can get with some easy to follow steps. Anyone that loves the fun of live hacking, live demos and a practical approach.

Questions answered by this session

  • My site is so slow. What can I do about it?

  • I've heard of Project Mercury, but I don't understand what it does. Why do I need this?

  • My site is fast, but my pages load slow. What else is wrong?

  • I'll be featured on XYZ News and on the High Traffic blog. How can I prepare for that?

  • APC, Varnish, nginx, eAccelerator, LAMP, HipHop, Squid, Memcache, Boost, imagecache_info, css_emimage, cdn, advagg, pagespeed, YSlow, fcgi, fcgi_fpm ... and now I am totally confused. What are those all? And do I need them all?

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