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Next Time on Hoarders: Bloggers Without Content Strategy!

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July 24, 2011 11:45 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

You’ve seen it before: people who amass tomato sauce because it’s on sale. They bring home jars and jars and jars of the stuff, even though they don’t necessarily have room in the pantry–or family members who even like a lot of sauce on their pasta. In fact, we soon hear, some family members are allergic to it, and others don’t really even like the brand that keeps coming home.

Hoarding transcends the pantry. Ever go shopping and bring home another pair of shoes because the price was right–never mind that they don’t fit perfectly, match the rest of your wardrobe, or fill an unmet need? It happens… from the pantry, to the closet, to the blog. Are you hoarding content? Do you post information that may not even appeal to your audience, possibly in formats they don’t like? How do you know when you have enough, or how much budget you should aggregate to aggregating, re-purposing, curating, and creating different content types? Content strategist Margot Bloomstein will lead a discussion on how content strategy can help stop the insanity with a message architecture, content audit, and editorial calendar. It won’t help the tomato sauce problem, but it may just save your blog.

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