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Web Strategy for Higher Education

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July 23, 2011 5:30 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Effective Web strategy should be good strategy in any profession right?

You start with a strong executive sponsor, clear governance, and business-critical goals. With roles, responsibilities, and processes well established, you nimbly prototype, test, and refine a product for clients. Once in production, feedback informs continuous improvement. Then, as the environment changes, the life-cycle begins again.

Well, obviously the ideal is seldom equal to the real, and the organizational environment affects the success of even the most strategic project or program.

Even though higher education is really a collection of very different kinds of institutions — colleges, universities, and programs in public, private, and for-profit settings — the academic environment does, indeed, provide some consistent challenges and opportunities for online communicators.

In this session, I’ll focus on several of those challenges — including governance, staffing, systems, and silos — and suggest ways that WordPress can be used to surmount those challenges, integrate across the whole college domain, and support the entire constituent life-cycle: from prospective student, to current student, to alum.

I’ll showcase several schools using WordPress to its fullest, and give a shout out to the developers who maintain the plugins that are critical to using WP in higher education.

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