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Theming with Sidebars

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July 23, 2011 10:00 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

The ability to register new sidebars was introduced in WordPress version 2.2. You can’t find a design or theme without them anymore, so as a themer, this is one of the things you must know how to do. Sidebars are mostly recognized as the sections of blocks of content on the left or right of a website. You can use them to show your latest blog post, a list of links to the other pages on your website, static text, etc. By learning how to create sidebars, we can use them as more than what they are known for.

In this talk, I will show some PHP code involved in creating and managing sidebars. I will also go over some plugins associated with creating and managing sidebars and others that aid in management of widgets.

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