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Querying Riak Just Got Easier

A talk by Rusty Klophaus at OSCON 2011

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July 25, 2011 12:20 PM

Portland, OR

Portland, OR

This session introduces new Riak KV functionality called Secondary Indices. Secondary Indices allows a developer to retrieve data by attribute value, rather than by primary key.

Currently, a developer coding outside of Riak’s key/value based access must maintain their own indexes into the data using links, other Riak objects, or external systems. This is straightforward for simple use cases, but can add substantial coding and data modeling for complex applications. By formalizing an approach and building index support directly into Riak KV, we remove this burden from the application developer while preserving Riak’s core benefits, including scalability and tolerance against hardware failure and network partitions.

The talk will cover usage, capabilities, limitations, and lessons learned.

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