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Refresh the Triangle's "On Big Relaunches"

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July 28, 2011 2:30 PM

Durham, NC

Durham, NC

For more than a year, Viget has been working with PUMA to rethink, reshape, redesign, and re-architect their disparate online presences, from both the public and admin sides. It all culminated this month with the relaunch of, and there’s lots of valuable insight to share. From a strategy point of view, hear how the project came about and what the goals, approach, and results look like. From a design and user experience standpoint, see how consistency, constraints, and creativity came together for high impact and usability. From a dev standpoint, learn how lots of sites and lots of models required some wise front-end approaches and how a custom CMS was built to grow with client demands and serve millions of customers a month.

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