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Continuous Deployment

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August 13, 2011 12:00 PM

Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

For most products, shipping a new version of code is an unusual, scary and painful experience. Worse still is the dreaded regression, when shipping a new version of code requires software heroics to fix an unanticipated edge case in the new code paths. Deployment does not have to be unusual, scary or painful. Deployment shouldn’t be synonymous with caffeine fuelled all-nighters. Counter-intuitively, the solution is to ship more frequently! Continous Deployment takes Continuous Integration to the next logical step: deploying early and often. This talk will cover the theory behind why shipping more frequently will make deployment dramatically better while enabling an entirely new level of agility at your organization. Of course theory is great in theory, so this talk will also cover the practical tactics developed by the numerous organizations practicing Continuous Deployment.

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