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May 6, 2009 12:00 PM

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany
  • Skobbler, Philipp Kandal

Skobbler is a mobile phone navigation and LBS company. Skobbler is a management buy-out from leading navigation system manufacturer Navigon. Most recently we have won the prestigious Navteq LBS challenge awards as the most innovative LBS company in Europe. Skobbler is leveraging navigation as core technology, but we strongly believe that content & services on top of navigation will be the area where real breakthroughs will happen. As next major goal we are working on releasing our products for Android and the iPhone.

To monetize our services we combine premium services (e.g. speedcams) with location based advertisments. We focus on sharing our revenues with the entire value chain including the end-user in order to generate the economies of scale required.

  • yiid, Marco Ripanti

  • Mobypicture, Mathys van Abbe

Moderated by Ralf Belusa, Zanox

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