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The “Best Framework” is a Myth

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August 13, 2011 5:30 AM

Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

In the post-github era, developers are prone to jump from one framework to the next proclaiming this week’s Model[ViewController] as the best. This leads to constant re-writes, abandoned projects, and generally a lack of real progress for the web. As the creator and maintainer of one of these frameworks (Sammy.js) I’d like to warn you before you choose any framework for your next project. Sammy, or any other framework, might not be the answer. We’ll see the whats and whys of client side frameworks and Sammy.js. Let’s examine the good and bad of framework-based development and try to refocus on why we wanted frameworks in the first place. Let’s move past Fashion Driven Development and back to defining our work by the products we create, not the tools we use.

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