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British Airways Cancellation Policy

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January 6, 2020 12:00 PM



How to cancel a ticket with British Airways and its policy?

Are you planning to cancel the British Airways flight ticket? In such circumstances, you must know about the ticket cancellation rules followed by them before moving forward. British Airways allow canceling a flight based on a few rules stated under their cancellation policy. Here you will get comprehensive information about British Airways cancellation policy in addition to the process to be followed during canceling such flight.

British Airways cancellation process:

The steps to process ticket cancellation on British Airways website are, as listed below:

· Visit British Airways website first and navigate to Manage section

· Then provide your booking reference and the surname of passenger

· Press find my booking button afterwards and all your booking wioll open in a list

· Then tap on a partcular flight that you wish to cancel and it will open

· Press cancel button given next to the opened flight and wait

· At last British Airways will send a notification after the flight is canceled successfully

British Airways cancellation policy: Few main points explaining the terms & conditions for canceling a ticket with British Airways are, as listed below:

· British Airways allow canceling a flight without penalty within the 24 hours from the original booking time. On the contrary, passengers need to pay a specified amount of fee for canceling a ticket after 24 hours.

· In case of within 24 hours ticket cancellation, passengers are eligible to get the full amount back from British Airways once after claiming for a refund online.

· For ticket cancellation after 24 hours, British Airways provide a refund after deduction of the cancellation fee from the original ticket price.

· British Airways passengers can use the global fee calculator service for obtaining an estimate of the cancellation fee

· British Airways cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel their tickets either on their official website via manage booking section. Or passengers can contact British Airways via phone to apply for cancellation.

Probably, you have understood the British Airways cancellation process and policy. For additional information dial their customer care phone number.

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